MOVEALl command

The MOVEALl command moves all the members from the specified data set to a different data set.


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Usage notes

  • You are prompted to specify the target library and like-named member replacement.
  • The target library must not be one of the currently linked libraries.
  • All present members are moved, regardless of any prior filtering.
  • All successfully moved members are deleted from the original library.
  • When moving a PDSE member with member generations, you might move either only generation 0 of the member, or all generations of the member.
  • To modify the MSL default options, use command shortcut ISET MSL.



Feedback messages

Message Meaning
-DELETED The member was deleted before the operation was initiated.
-IO ERR An input/output error occurred in reading the directory of the library or the member itself.
-MOVE ER The member was not moved because an error occurred.
-NO AUTH Since you began working, your access to the library has been revoked.
-NO REPL The member was not copied because the REPLACE option was set to NO.
-NOT OLD You specified that the target is to be replaced only if it is newer than the source, and the source is not older than the target.
-NO STAT You specified that the target is to be replaced only if it is older or newer than the source, and either the source or the target was lacking statistics.
-REVEALD Another member with the same name was found in a higher-level library, and is now being displayed in the MSL.