HIDe command

The HIDe command is used to selectively tailor the display of members in the member selection list, hiding (excluding) items from display.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramHIDeMEMpattfield_namefield_patternfield_namefield_pattern


A member name pattern using the wildcard characters % and *.
The name of a member selection list column heading.
A pattern for values of the corresponding field using the wildcard characters % and *.

Usage notes

If no operand is specified, all filtering is removed.

HIDe is a main command only; it cannot be used as a line command.

Up to six patterns (on six different fields), including member- name, may be specified in a single invocation; only the field name for the member name may be omitted, and only when it is the first pattern.

The HIDe command operates on the current MSL, removing from the list all members that match the pattern or patterns specified (and placing them on the hidden list).

To see members that have been filtered, enter FLIP and to remove all filtering, enter RESET ALL.

You can also specify a relative date keyword: TODAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, RECENT (defined to the last ten days), or the minus sign followed by the number of days (from today). The relative date function can only be specified as the last parameter when invoking the FILTER command. The relative date must be in the ISPF US data notation format in the member list (YY/MM/DD).


HID SIZ 100 =< hide all members with more than 100 records.         
HID CRE MONTH  hide all members created in last month.             
HID N XYZ .CO  hide all member names that contain XYZ.             
HID *ABC* -    hide all member names that do not contain ABC.      
HID CHA -10    hide all members modified in last 10 days.           
HID CRE W -    hide all members created before last week .          
HID            remove all filters.