DSLIST line command

The DSLIST line command invokes an ISPF data set list (option 3.4) of all items in the current catalog matching the specification.

Usage notes

DSLIST can be used as a line command or, when preceded by an item number, as a main command. The item must conform to input specifications for a data set list. You must specify at least one asterisk. To get a full list of a specific level, specify it as shown in the last example below.

You can also invoke DSLIST by clicking on (or moving the cursor to) a line, and pressing the F10 (LEFT) or F11 (RIGHT) key.


Command   Member   Num. Data Set Names/Objects  Volume
--------  -------- ---- ----------------------- ------
DSLIST                2 'ACCOUNTS.*.COBOL'
DSLIST                3 'ACCOUNTS.TEST.*'       TST001
DSLIST                4 'ACCOUNTS.TEST.COB*'
DSLIST                5 'ACCOUNTS.*'