COpy line command

The COPY line command copies one or more members or sequential data sets, possibly having different attributes.

Usage notes

An object name, member or pattern, and volume are required.

COPY can be used as a line command or, when preceded by an item number, as a main command.

This command is passed to MSL for processing; the COPY/MOVE prompt panel is displayed for specification of the target library and other parameters.

If a dataset having the specified name and volume does not exist, or if it does not have partitioned organization, you are prompted with an entry panel in which you can modify the Line command, Dataset name, or Volume.


Command   Member   Num. Data Set Names/Objects  Volume
--------  -------- ---- ----------------------- ------
COPY       *          2 'ACCOUNTS.JONES.COBOL'
COPY       *          3 'ACCOUNTS.TEST.COBOL'   TST001
COPY       PAY*       5 'ACCOUNTS.TEST.COBOL'   TST001