Browse command

Main command Browse can be used to browse one or more members. Line command B can be used to browse a listed member.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramBrowse member_nameMEMpatt DATA


The name of the member in the current member list.
A member name pattern using the wildcard characters % and *.
Invoke the installation-defined data editor (for example, a VSAM editor) to process this member.

Usage notes

  • When B is the MSL default action, to invoke the Browse process, perform a Point-and-Shoot action at the target member name, or use the SELECT main command.
  • Different data browsers are supported, usually for VSAM files.
  • Any PDSE member generation can be browsed.

Feedback messages

Message Meaning
BROWSED The member was browsed.
DELETED The member was deleted before the BROWSE operation was initiated.
IO ERR An input/output error occurred in reading the directory of the library or the member itself.
NO AUTH Since you began working, your access to the library has been revoked.


The following example uses the B line command to browse member MEMBER03:
   NAME     PROMPT