Print options

Print changed lines in bold
This specifies whether or not you want lines in the current modification level of each member (that is, lines changed in the last EDIT session) to be highlighted by printing in bold print. (This makes them very easy to find.) Options are:
Highlight lines in the current modification level.
Do not highlight any lines.
Process mode
You can control how and where items you select for printing (such as individual members, the member list, and clipboards) are to be printed:
I (Immediate)
Each member or other item is printed to the printer separately, with separators between each.
G (Group)
Everything you specify for printing is accumulated in one print group until you issue the RELEASE command, issue the SET command and change the process mode to I or L, or end your session. The entire print group is printed together, without separators between individually printed items. For example, in GROUP mode, to get a list of all members starting with PAY, followed by a print-out of each such member, you issue the commands:
  P *
L (List)
The print-out is directed to the ISPF LIST data set.
Note: If you direct the print-out to the ISPF LIST data set, you can print it using the ISPF command LIST.

The following options apply only if you have specified process mode I or G:

This specifies the SYSOUT class if you are printing to a printer.
This specifies the SYSOUT destination ID (that is, the route code) of the printer. It may be either Node-Id or Node-Id.User-Id.
Number of copies
This specifies how many copies you want to be printed.
Lines per page
This specifies how many lines per page you want to print.

If Process mode is L (ISPF LIST data set), use ISPF option 0 (ISPF parameters) to control PAGESIZE of the ISPF LIST data set.

Keep in HOLD queue
This specifies whether or not you want the SYSOUT to be held:
Put the generated SYSOUT in the HOLD queue.
Note: Use the TSO OUT command, SDSF, or another output browser to release held SYSOUTs. The jobname is your TSO userid.
The generated SYSOUT is immediately available (is released).
FORM number
This specifies the SYSOUT form number to be used for printing.
FCB name
This specifies the SYSOUT FCB code to be used for printing.

To accept the values as displayed, press ENTER or the END key.

Note: When invoking SET, you can specify which set of options you want to look at by specifying the parameter OLIST, MSL, OUTPUT (or PRINT), or GLOBAL. For example, display the third SET panel (which displays the options controlling print processing), you can enter the command SET PRINT.