Reconfiguring an LCU with larger capacity 3390 volumes

Complete this task to reconfigure a logical control unit (LCU) with larger capacity 3390 volumes.

About this task

To retain your data, you must offload the data from the address range of the ranks to be reformatted by completing the following steps:


  1. Confirm the RAID ranks that are associated with the address range that is being modified.
  2. Vary the address range offline to unbind any associated parallel access volumes (PAVs).
  3. Issue Devserv (DS QP,xxxx,nnnn). Use the alias addresses to confirm that aliases are unbound.
  4. Undefine the RAID rank to allow the configuration of larger capacity volumes.
  5. Reassociate the PAVs.
  6. Vary the base address range online.
  7. Issue Devserv (DS QP,xxxx,nnnn). Use the base addresses to confirm that the aliases are bound.
  8. Restore the data that you offloaded.