Planning for transparent cloud tiering

Planning for transparent cloud tiering involves purchasing a z-synergy Services license and then activating and enabling the function on the system.

Transparent cloud tiering is a licensed function that enables volume data to be copied and transferred to cloud storage. The system supports creating connections to cloud service providers to store copies of volume data in private or public cloud storage.

Before you create the cloud account, complete the following prerequisites:
  1. Ensure that you have a service contract with a supported cloud service provider.
  2. Obtain the z-synergy Services license for your system.
  3. Obtain the following required information from the cloud service provider:
    • The URL (endpoint) for the cloud object storage.
    • The account name.
    • The account's user name and password.
    • Certificates, if you are using Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  4. If you are connecting to a TS7700, see Configuring IBM TS7700 as a target for transparent cloud tiering.