Use the Troubleshooting tab of the Support page to perform actions that can correct issues with your storage system. These actions can also quickly solve common problems when you work with IBM® support.

Restart Hardware Management Consoles
If there are connectivity issues with the storage management software (such as the DS8000® Storage Management GUI, IBM DS CLI, IBM Copy Services Manager, or IBM Spectrum Control), click Restart HMC. You can also use this feature to restart an HMC after you modify the settings of the HMC.
Refresh GUI Cache
If there are inconsistencies between what is displayed in the DS8000 Storage Management GUI and the IBM DS CLI or IBM Spectrum Control, click Refresh GUI Cache. This action repopulates cached information that the DS8000 Storage Management GUI uses to ensure it is in sync with the current system state.
Reset Communications Path
If there are Ethernet connectivity issues with any management tools, click Reset Communications Path. This action restarts the web servers and communication paths that are used by the CIMOM server and ESSNI.