Assist On-Site

Use the Assist On-Site tab of the Support page to configure the Assist On-Site (AOS) feature, which allows IBM® service to remotely access the management console and storage system. You can also add a certificate for the Assist On-Site (AOS) server connection.

To begin the initial configuration of AOS, click Configure Assist On-Site.

Assist On-Site
Indicates whether the AOS feature is started or stopped.
Select an option to start, stop, or restart AOS.
Note: To display the following fields, click Show full configuration.
Company name
The name of your organization.
Company ID
The IBM ID assigned to your organization.
AOS groups
Select the AOS support groups for your organization.
Connection type
Select a connection:
Direct connection to the internet
Use an existing internet connection.
Configure HTTP proxy
Use an HTTP proxy server to connect to the internet. When you select this option, the IP address, User name, and Password fields display in the DS8000® Storage Management GUI. You must complete the IP address information.
Add certificate
To add the customer certificates, select Install TLS Certificate.
Upload certificate
Click, Folder icon and browse to the location where the certificate is present and select the certificate to upload. The format certificate is accepted with the standard .pem file extension.

Click, Next button.

Verify the summary information of certificate chain. Click, Finish button.

A window indicating the certificate installation progress appears.

Click, Close button after successful installation of the certificate.

Broker list
A read-only list of AOS support host addresses.