Configuring a syslog server for TLS

You can define syslog servers that use the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.

About this task

By default, syslog servers use the Transport Control Protocol (TCP) protocol. To use Transport Layer Security (TLS), you must enable TLS before you add any syslog servers. If the storage system includes syslog servers that use TCP, you must delete these servers before you can enable TLS.

Each syslog server must use the same TLS certificate.


  1. From the Settings menu, click Notifications to open Syslog page in the DS8000® Storage Management GUI.
  2. In the Certificates area, click Enable TLS.
    The Enable TLS window opens.
  3. Browse for the following files:
    CA Certificate File
    The Certificate Authority (CA) certificate.
    HMC Certificate File
    The storage system certificate signed by the CA.
    HMC Private Key
    The private key for the storage system.
  4. Click Enable.