Remote support connection requirements

IBM® highly recommends remote-support connections so that the storage system can report failures and transmit pertinent debugging data to product support teams.

When call home is used, your technical support representative can be immediately notified to quickly isolate and resolve potential issues with the storage system. The strategic and preferred remote support connectivity method for call home is internet SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for management console communication.

For remote access to the management console and the storage system, the preferred remote support connectivity method is Assist On-site (AOS). AOS provides a network-type connection that is secured by SSL and state-of-the-art encryption technology. If your security guidelines allow, AOS can be turned on and configured on the management console, which is the preferred implementation. Alternatively, AOS is installed on a PC that you provide and maintain. Contact your technical support representative for more details.

In addition to AOS, IBM also offers remote support center (RSC). It is a simple SSH proxy based remote service solution that can be used if AOS does not meet your security guidelines. Contact your technical service representative for more information on RSC.

Remote support must be ready at the time of the initial installation of the DS8000®. It is tested as part of the verification process that the installation is complete and ready for customer use. For internet-based remote support, you must open your firewalls.