Planning for floor and space requirements

Ensure that the location where you plan to install your storage system meets space and floor requirements. Decide whether your storage system is to be installed on a raised or nonraised floor.

About this task

When you are planning the location of your storage system, you must answer the following questions that relate to floor types, floor loads, and space:
  • What type of floor does the installation site have? The storage system can be installed on a raised or nonraised floor.
  • If the installation site has a raised floor, does the floor require preparation (such as cutting out tiles) to accommodate cable entry into the system?
  • Does the floor of the installation site meet floor-load requirements?
  • Can the installation site accommodate the amount of space that is required by the storage system, and does the space meet the following criteria?
    • Weight distribution area that is needed to meet floor load requirements
    • Service clearance requirements
  • Does the installation site require overhead cable management for host fiber and power cables?


Use the following steps to ensure that your planned installation site meets space and floor load requirements:

  1. Identify the base frame and expansion frame that are included in your storage system.
  2. Decide whether to install the storage system on a raised or nonraised floor.
    1. If the location has a raised floor, plan where the floor tiles must be cut to accommodate the cables.
    2. If the location has a nonraised floor, resolve any safety problems, and any special equipment considerations, caused by the location of cable exits and routing. Determine if the optional top-exit bracket feature code is required.
  3. Determine whether the floor of the installation site meets the floor load requirements for your storage system.
  4. Calculate the amount of space to be used by your storage system.
    1. Identify the total amount of space that is needed for your storage system by using the dimensions of the frames and the weight distribution areas that are calculated in step 3.
    2. Ensure that the area around each frame and each storage system meets the service clearance requirements.
    Note: Any expansion frames in the storage system must be attached to the base frame on the right side as you face the front of the storage system.