Registering for My Notifications

Your IBM® storage product is designed to deliver high performance services with quality and satisfaction. As part of IBM's ongoing quality improvement processes, IBM periodically issues product updates that help improve overall quality and reliability. IBM communicates new information of this nature through the My Notifications process. The information available to you covers a broad range of materials, including software knowledge-base documents, preventive service-planning information, fix information, security advisories, and more.

About this task

You can have multiple subscriptions and can be notified by email, web folder, and syndication feeds (such as RSS and Atom) that new or updated content is available.

My Notifications allows subscriptions only by model. Separate models of the same machine type require separate subscriptions. Having a subscription to earlier DS8000 model notifications does not automatically generate notifications for later models. For example, a machine type 2424 DS8800 subscription does not automatically result in a subscription to DS8870 notifications. You must create a separate subscription for DS8870.

Registering for My Notifications establishes quick links to important information and ensures that you receive daily or weekly notifications for the following product-specific information:
  • Downloads and drivers
  • Flashes
  • Forums and discussion groups
  • Problem-solving information
  • Product information and publications


Complete the following steps to register for My Notifications:

  1. Establish an IBM ID and password at the IBM website My Profile website.
  2. Set up your notification preferences at the My Notifications website IBM website.