Licensed functions

Licensed functions are the operating system and functions of the storage system. Required features and optional features are included.

IBM® authorization for licensed functions is purchased as 5341 or 9031 machine function authorizations. However, the license functions are storage models. For example, the Base Function license is listed as a 5341 or 9031 model FF8. The 5341 or 9031 machine function authorization features are for billing purposes only.

The following licensed functions are available:

Base Function
The Base Function license is required for each storage system.
z-synergy Services
The z-synergy Services include z/OS® licensed features that are supported on the storage system.
Copy Services
Copy Services features help you implement storage solutions to keep your business running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by providing data duplication, data migration, and disaster recovery functions.
Copy Services Manager on Hardware Management Console
The Copy Services Manager on Hardware Management Console (CSM on HMC) license enables IBM Copy Services Manager to run on the Hardware Management Console, which eliminates the need to maintain a separate server for Copy Services functions.
Local Data-at-Rest Encryption
The Local Data-at-Rest Encryption license provides support for local encryption, allowing the storage system to generate and store data keys in its own key repository, therefore eliminating the need of an external key server. The keys are scrambled using a cryptographic algorithm and all key server management operations are performed locally.