Migrating data between pools

You can change the performance characteristics of your data by migrating the volumes where the data is stored to a pool with different drive classes. You can also migrate data to another pool if you want to isolate or balance workloads.

Before you begin

Ensure that the target pool has the same storage type and is on the same processor node as the source pool and that it has sufficient available capacity to contain the migrating volumes.
Tip: Capacity bars for all eligible target pools are displayed in the Migrate Volumes window in the DS8000 Storage Management GUI.


  1. Migrate data between pools by using the Migrate action on the Volumes by Pool page in the DS8000 Storage Management GUI.
    You can track the progress in either the task progress window or the State column in the Volumes by Pool table.
  2. Wait for the migration to complete before you attempt to access data on the migrating volumes.