Updating code levels

Update the code levels on your DS8000 storage system with a concurrent code load. Concurrent code load is a nondisruptive procedure to install firmware or software on a storage system. The set of code loads that can be installed within a given storage system are model-dependent.

For a list of recommended code levels, go to the DS8000 Code Recommendation website.

There are three options for concurrent code load: on-site code load performed by an IBM® service support representative (SSR), remote code load (RCL) performed remotely by the RCL team, and customer code load performed by the customer. Support is determined at the point of sale for the appropriate features.

To initiate the RCL process, go to the RCL booking tool. After the RCL begins, there is little to no interaction until the process completes. IBM is notified regarding the success or failure of the code load through a call home notification. If a failure notice is received, an SSR might be required on site to initiate the corrective action.

The customer code load process is to initiate the update of current code level of DS8000 storage system with a concurrent code level that is downloaded from FixCentral by the customer without going through IBM support. See Update System for more information.