Installing multipath support for Linux on z Systems hosts with zFCP attachment

You can configure multipath support for a Linux® on z Systems® host that is using the zFCP device driver or Parallel Access Volumes (PAV).

Before you begin

If you are using the FCP attachment, you must install multipath software on all IBM® Z hosts that are attached to the DS8000®.

About this task

On IBM Z hosts running the Linux operating system, the following software provides multipath support:
  • Multipath-tools package
Recommended /etc/multipath.conf settings
defaults {            
                 user_friendly_names    no
                 dev_loss_tmo           infinity
                 fast_io_fail_tmo       5
                 no_path_retry          queue

For more information about using the logical volume manager or the multipath-tools package, go to IBM Developerworks Linux on z Systems website.