Enabling host system I/O

After you configure your storage system, configure the host system to send I/O to the DS8000.

About this task

Complete the following high-level tasks to enable the host system to send I/O to your DS8000. Instructions and details for each step can be found in the online product documentation about configuring hosts or the IBM DS8000 Host Systems Attachment Guide.

To see current information on servers, operating systems, I/O adapters, and connectivity products that are supported by the DS8000 series, search the interoperability matrix at the IBM® System Storage® Interoperation Center (SSIC) website .


  1. Verify and update the supported fabric switch firmware.
  2. Create your storage area network (SAN) zones and assign them to the appropriate zone sets.
  3. Verify and update the host adapter firmware on the host system.
  4. Install, verify, and update the host failover multipath device driver on the host system.
  5. If necessary, reconfigure or restart the host system.
  6. Verify that the host system can access the DS8000 volumes that are assigned to it.