Running and configuring the DS CLI

Complete these tasks to set up the DS CLI so that you can use the DS CLI to configure your storage system.

Before you begin

You must install the DS CLI before you complete these postinstallation tasks.

About this task

Note: Before you can use the DS CLI with the i5/OS, if you are using external load source, you must set up the initial configuration of your storage system. After the initial configuration, you can do a D-mode IPL and begin using the DS CLI directly from the i5/OS. In the meantime, you can follow the list below as a guide for your initial configuration.


Complete these tasks to complete the installation of the DS CLI:

  1. Set your DS CLI default configuration settings.
    • If this is a new installation, complete the rest of this procedure.
    • If this is not a new installation, do not complete the following steps.
  2. Initiate the DS CLI to begin using it in either single-shot, script, or interactive command mode.
  3. Set up your required user accounts and passwords.
  4. Activate your licensed functions. This includes obtaining your feature activation codes and applying the feature activation codes to your storage unit.
  5. Use the DS CLI to enable SNMP traps for Copy Services events and storage complex events on your storage unit.
  6. Optionally, configure encryption on your encryption-capable storage unit.
  7. Configure new fixed block or CKD storage.
    Use the DS CLI to create and modify fixed block extent pools, arrays, ranks, volumes, and volume groups. You can also configure host ports and connections.