The rmipsec command deletes an Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) connection definition from the IPSec server.

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram rmipsec  -hmc  1  2  all  -quiet  conn_ID   ...    "-" 


-hmc 1 | 2 | all
(Optional) Specifies the HMC that you want to delete the connection definition from. -hmc 1 specifies the primary HMC, and -hmc 2 specifies the secondary HMC. The default value all specifies the primary HMC on a single HMC system, and specifies both the primary and secondary HMCs on a dual HMC system.
(Optional) Turns off the confirmation prompt for this command.
conn_ID ... | -
(Required) Specifies the IPSec connection IDs that you want to remove. The ellipsis (...) indicates that, optionally, you can specify multiple values. If you use the dash (-), the specified value is read from standard input. You cannot use the dash (-) while you are in the DS CLI interactive command mode.


Invoking the rmipsec command
dscli> rmipsec –quiet connection1  
The resulting output
IPSec connection connection1 on hmc1 successfully deleted.