Starting Global Mirror processing

Complete this task to start Global Mirror processing.

Before you begin

The volume relationships (paths, pairs, and FlashCopy®) plus the creation of a Global Mirror session must be complete before Global Mirror processing can start.

About this task

Use the mkgmir command to start Global Mirror processing.

Complete the following step to start Global Mirror processing. The example commands in this task are shown in two formats. The first format shows the type of information that the command requires. The second format provides the command with declared values for the variables.


Issue the mkgmir command to start Global Mirror processing. Enter the mkgmir command at the dscli command prompt using the following parameters and variables:

dscli> mkgmir -dev storage_image_ID -lss LSS_ID -cginterval seconds -coordinate milliseconds -drain seconds -session session_ID Master_Control_Path_LSS_ID:Subordinate_Control_Path_LSS_ID


dscli> mkgmir -dev IBM.2107-75FA120 -lss 10 -cginterval 0 -coordinate 50
-drain 30 -session 01 IBM.2107-75FA120/00:IBM.2107-75FA150/00
Note: Entering the mkgmir command requires that you specify the tuning parameters. The values for the tuning parameters are not retained when you end Global Mirror processing. So, in the case where you must change the Global Mirror topology parameters, resubmit the tuning parameters when you restart Global Mirror processing.