Resuming Global Mirror processing

Complete this task to resume Global Mirror processing after you have paused Global Mirror processing.

About this task

Note: If you have entered a pausegmir command to pause Global Mirror processing, enter the resumegmir command to continue Global Mirror processing.

Use the resumegmir command to change your Global Mirror tuning parameters and continue Global Mirror processing. When you change the Global Mirror tuning parameters, you must include values for all three parameters (consistency group interval time, coordination interval time, and drain time). You cannot submit a value for just one parameter, even if the two other parameters do not need to be changed.

Complete the following steps to resume Global Mirror processing. The example commands in this task are shown in two formats. The first format shows the type of information that the command requires. The second format provides the command with declared values for the variables.


Issue the resumegmir command to continue Global Mirror processing after you have paused Global Mirror processing. Enter the resumegmir command at the dscli command prompt using the following parameters and variables:

dscli> resumegmir -dev storage_image_ID -lss LSS_ID -session session_ID Master_Control_Path_LSS_ID:Subordinate_Control_Path_LSS_ID


dscli> resumegmir -dev IBM.2107-75FA120 -lss 10 
-session 01 IBM.2107-75FA120/00:IBM.2107-75FA150/00
Note: If you are making changes to your tuning parameters, your command looks like the following example:
dscli> resumegmir -dev IBM.2107-75FA120 -lss 10 -cginterval 5
-coordinate 50 -drain 30 -session 01 

In this example the -cginterval parameter was changed while the -coordinate and -drain parameters maintained their DS CLI default values. However, because the -cginterval parameter was changed, all the parameters and their corresponding values must be listed in your command. Otherwise, the command fails.