Activating licensed functions

You must obtain feature activation codes for the licensed features for each storage system by connecting to the IBM® Entitled Systems Support (ESS) website.

Before you begin

Before you can connect to the site, ensure that you have the following items:
  • A removable media for downloading your feature activation codes into a file. Use the removable media if you cannot access the Storage Manager from the system that you are using to access the ESS website. Instead of using removable media, you can also write down the activation codes and then manually enter them into the system that runs the Storage Manager.
  • The system serial number, model, and signature.
  1. Enabling an optional licensed function is a concurrent activity (assuming the appropriate level of microcode is installed for the function). The following activating activities are non-disruptive, but take effect at the next IML:
    • Removal of a licensed function for its deactivation.
    • A lateral change or reduction in the license scope. A lateral change is defined as changing the license scope from fixed block (FB) to count key data (CKD) or from CKD to FB. A reduction is defined as changing the license scope from all raw capacity (ALL) to only FB or only CKD capacity.
  2. Before you begin this task, you must resolve any current system problems. Contact IBM Hardware Support for assistance.
  3. Before you configure, disable or provide paths through any firewall because it might interfere with system communication.

About this task

Complete the following steps to activate feature activation codes.


You can activate the licensed functions from one of two locations in the DS8000® Storage Management GUI: the System Setup wizard during initial configuration; or the Licensed Functions tab of the System settings page.

  1. Click Activate Licensed Functions or Activate.
  2. Enter the license keys.
    • If you received your license keys from a technical service representative, enter them in the Activate Licensed Functions window.
    • If you need to obtain your license keys from the IBM Entitled Systems Support (ESS) website, complete the following steps.
      1. Go to the IBM Entitled Systems Support (ESS) website.
      2. Click Log in.
      3. Enter your IBMid.
      4. Click Continue.
      5. Enter your IBMid password.
      6. Click Log in.
      7. Click My Entitled Hardware.
      8. Click Storage License Management.
      9. Click DS8000 tile.
      10. Select the machine type from the menu. Enter the serial number and machine signature of your DS8000 system. You can find this information either by clicking Need Help in the Activate Licensed Functions window or by selecting the Properties action on the System page.
      11. Click Search.
      12. Click Actions.
      13. Click Download all authorization codes to get the license keys XML file.
      14. In the Activate Licensed Functions window, click the Browse icon to select the license keys XML file that you downloaded and click Open.
  3. Click Activate.