Fibre Channel (SCSI-FCP and FICON) host adapters and cables

You can order Fibre Channel host adapters for your storage-system configuration.

The Fibre Channel host adapters enable the storage system to attach to Fibre Channel (SCSI-FCP) and FICON® servers, and SAN fabric components. They are also used for remote mirror and copy control paths between DS8000® series storage systems. Fibre Channel host adapters are installed in an I/O enclosure.

Adapters are either 4-port 16 Gbps or 4-port 32 Gbps.

Supported protocols include the following types:
  • SCSI-FCP upper layer protocol (ULP) on point-to-point or fabric topologies.
  • FICON ULP on point-to-point and fabric topologies.
  1. SCSI-FCP and FICON are supported simultaneously on the same adapter, but not on the same port.
  2. For highest availability, ensure that you add adapters in pairs.

A Fibre Channel cable is required to attach each Fibre Channel adapter port to a server or fabric component port. The Fibre Channel cables can be 50 or 9 micron, OM3 or higher fiber graded, single or multimode cables.