Ensure availability of encryption key servers by adhering to the recommended configurations.

Key server
  • Configure key servers to automatically power on when power is available and to automatically initiate the key server application.
  • Configure the key server application to automatically start.
  • Configure redundant network fabrics between key servers and encrypting storage. Most storage products support two or more network connections. To improve robustness, provide independent network paths to independent key servers.
Storage system
  • Configure the storage system with the dual Hardware Management Console (HMC) option to provide redundant access to your network. Dual HMCs can be provided by cross-coupling the HMCs on two storage systems or by providing an extra stand-alone HMC for a single storage system. The inability of a storage system to communicate with a key server when it powers on prevents access to encrypted storage on the system.
  • Define multiple security administrators and multiple storage administrators on the storage system so that the loss of access to one administrator does not prevent the ability to use a recovery key for recovery purposes. The recovery key must be shared or accessible to all of the security administrators.