The showgmircg command displays consistency group status for the specified Global Mirror session.

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramshowgmircg  -dev  storage_image_ID  -lss  LSS_ID  session_ID   ...   "-"


-dev storage_image_ID
(Optional) Specifies the storage image ID, which includes manufacturer, machine type, and serial number. The storage image ID is required if you do not specify a fully qualified LSS ID, do not set the devid variable in your profile or through the setenv command, and the HMC is aware of more than one storage image. Using the -dev parameter will temporarily override any defined value for devid for the current command.
Example: IBM.2107-75FA120
-lss LSS_ID
(Required) Specifies the master logical subsystem (LSS) that receives the showgmircg command. LSS ID consists of two hexadecimal characters in the range of 00 - FE.
This parameter accepts a fully qualified master LSS ID, which includes either the storage image ID or a shortened version without the storage image ID if the -dev parameter is specified.
session_ID ... | -
(Required) Specifies one session to display. A session ID is a Global Mirror session number that you assign in the 01 - FF hexadecimal range.
The ellipsis (...) indicates that, optionally, you can specify multiple values. If you use the dash (-), the specified value is read from standard input. However, you cannot use the dash (-) if you are using the DS CLI interactive mode.
Example: 01

Example: Displaying consistency group status for a Global Mirror session

dscli> showgmircg -dev IBM.2107-75FA120 -lss 10 01
LSS ID    IBM.2107-75FA120/10
Session   01
CG Status 0

Output definitions

The logical subsystem ID.
The Global Mirror session number.
CG Status
The Global Mirror Consistency Group status (primarily used by Field Engineering).