Remote FlashCopy commands

Commands that are used to configure Remote FlashCopy relationships and to display Remote FlashCopy information are referenced. Remote FlashCopy commands are used to process what was formerly known as inband FlashCopy transactions. These types of transactions cannot be handled through the GUI.

A remote flash is a FlashCopy relationship on a machine at a remote site from the local site machine that you are connected to.

The following Remote FlashCopy commands are available:
Sends data to a target volume to form a consistency between the remote source and target FlashCopy pair.
Increments an existing remote FlashCopy pair that has been established with the -record and -persist parameters.
Generates a report that displays a list of FlashCopy relationships and the status information for each FlashCopy relationship in the list.
Initiates a remote point-in-time copy from source volumes to target volumes through a remote mirror and copy relationship.
Restores data on the source volume to its most recent consistency formation.
Removes a relationship between remote FlashCopy volume pairs.
Modifies the specified remote FlashCopy volume pair that is part of a Global Mirror relationship to a revertible state. This command must be run before the FlashCopy pair can be committed or reverted.