The mkaliasvol command creates IBM® Z CKD alias volumes (referred to as parallel access volumes or PAVs) in a storage image.

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagrammkaliasvol  -dev  storage_image_ID  -base  volume_ID (volume_ID_range) -order  increment  decrement  -qty  quantity  -wait  volume_ID   "-"


Note: Volumes are automatically assigned to the FICON/ESCON - ALL volume group ID 10.
-dev storage_image_ID
(Optional) The storage image ID, which consists of manufacturer, machine type, and serial number. The storage image ID is required if you do not specify a fully qualified volume ID, do not set the devid variable in your profile or through the setenv command, and the HMC is aware of more than one storage image. Using the -dev parameter will temporarily override any defined value for devid for the current command.
-base volume_ID (volume_ID_range)
(Required) An existing base CKD volume ID or a volume ID range.
Note: You cannot use multiple volume IDs separated by commas and multiple ID ranges in combination. This combination is rejected.
Use the -base parameter to create one or more CKD alias volumes that are assigned to the specified base CKD volume ID. The LCU ID component for all volume IDs must be identical.
The alias volume IDs are assigned consecutively in the order specified by the -order parameter. The following examples show the processing affects of the -order parameter:
dscli> mkaliasvol -base 0000 -order increment -qty 2 0080 
creates two alias volumes 0080 and 0081 for base volume 0000.
dscli> mkaliasvol -base 0000-003F -order increment -qty 2 0080
creates two alias volumes for each base volume as follows:
0080,0081 for base volume 0000
0082,0083 for base volume 0001
00FE,00FF for base volume 003F
-order increment | decrement
(Optional) The order in which alias volume IDs are assigned. For example:
dscli> mkaliasvol -base 0000-003F -order decrement -qty 2 00FF
creates two alias volumes for each base volume as follows:
00FF,00FE for base volume 0000
00FD,00FC for base volume 0001
0081,0080 for base volume 003F
Note: If the -order parameter is not specified the default value is decrement.
-qty quantity
(Optional) The number of alias volumes that are assigned to each specified CKD base volume.
If you do not specify the -qty parameter, then one alias volume is created for each base volume specified.
If you specify the -qty parameter, you have to indicate the number of alias volumes that you want to assign to each specified CKD base volume.
Note: The total number of base volumes plus the number of alias volumes must be less than or equal to 256.
(Optional) Delays the command response until the volume configuration processes complete.
volume_ID -
(Required) Identifies the starting alias volume ID in a sequence of volume IDs to be created
The volume ID format is four hexadecimal characters LLVV that represent the following values:
The logical control unit number, 00 - FE
The volume number, 00 - FF
If you use the dash (-), the specified value is read from standard input. You cannot use the dash (-) while you are in the DS CLI interactive command mode.

Example: Creating CKD alias volume

dscli> mkaliasvol -dev IBM.2107-75FA120 -base 0100-010F 
-order decrement -qty 2 01FF
CKD Volume 01FF successfully created. 
CKD Volume 01FE successfully created.
CKD Volume 01E1 successfully created. 
CKD Volume 01E0 successfully created.