The lsstgenclosure displays a list of storage enclosures and status information for each enclosure in the list.

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram lsstgenclosure  -s  -l


(Optional) Displays the short output for the command. You cannot use the -s and -l parameters together.
(Optional) Displays the long output for the command.

Example: Displaying storage enclosures' status information

dscli> lsstgenclosure
Date/Time: January 27, 2020 10:18:49 AM MST
IBM DSCLIDSCLI Version: DS: IBM.2107-75NR641 

ID  Frame  State  Drive          Drive     Installed
                  class          capacity  
T1  1      Online  Flash Tier 0  400 GB    05/28/2019
                                           05:58:11 PM

Location           S/N
U2107.D04.G67V022  G67V022  

Output definitions

The identification number of the storage enclosure.
The number of the frame that contains the storage enclosure.
The current state of the storage enclosure.
Drive class
The classification and speed of a drive in the storage enclosure.
Drive capacity
The raw capacity of the drives in the storage enclosure.
The time stamp that indicates when the storage enclosure was installed.
A unique value that is assigned by the storage system to identify the component.
The serial number of the storage enclosure.