The lskey command displays the type of LMC activation keys that are installed and are available for use by the storage system.

The lskey command displays only the keys that are installed. Refer to the IBM DS8000 Introduction and Planning Guide for more information on how to choose which keys are needed and how to acquire them.

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram lskey   storage_image_ID  "-"


storage_image_ID | -
(Required) The storage image ID for which to view a list of activated features. The ID includes manufacturer, type, and serial number.
If you use the dash (-), the specified value is read from standard input. However, you cannot use the dash (-) if you are using the DS CLI interactive command mode.


For this command and all other DS CLI list commands, the results are shown in table format for clarity. The actual reports do not display as tables.

The following table shows example activation keys. Some activation keys are not listed in the example. The lskey command displays only the keys that are installed.

Displaying a list of the installed LMC activation keys.

dscli> lskey IBM.2107-75FA120
Activation key Authorization level (TB) Scope
Parallel access volumes (PAV) On CKD
Point in time copy (PTC) On All
Global Mirror (GM) 25 All
Metro/Global Mirror (MGM) 25 All
Metro Mirror (MM) 25 All
Remote mirror and copy (RMC) 25 All
Remote mirror for z/OS (RMZ) 25.1 CKD
Operating Environment (OEL) 45 All
IBM® Easy Tier® On All
IBM FlashCopy SE 25 All
High Performance FICON for System z (zHPF) On CKD
RMZ Resync 25 CKD
Local Data-at-Rest Encryption On All

Output definitions

Activation key
The type of LMC activation key that is activated for the storage image.
Authorization Level (TB)
The capacity of the specified license feature. The quantity is displayed in terabytes (TB). One of the following values is displayed:
  • Value in terabytes
  • On if the license is for the maximum capacity, or Off if the license is for zero capacity
The storage type for the designated license: fixed block (FB), count key data (CKD), or All. Parallel access volumes, Remote Mirror for z/OS, and HyperPAV display only the values CKD or All.