Configuring IBM Z hosts with zFCP attachment

You can use the zFCP device driver to configure FCP connectivity between a Linux® on IBM Z® host and your DS8000® system.

Before you begin

You must configure the Linux operating system before you can use your IBM Z host with the DS8000 system.
Before you configure the host operating system, the following tasks must be completed:
  • An IBM® service representative must install the DS8000 system.
  • You must install the appropriate HBAs.


After the prerequisite tasks are finished, complete the following steps to configure your Linux on IBM Z hosts:

  1. Zone the host system to the DS8000 system on the Fibre Channel SAN.
  2. Create the host connection on the DS8000 system using the worldwide port names (WWPNs), and map the volumes to the host, as required.

    Use the DS8000 Storage Management GUI or the DS CLI to create hosts and map volumes.

  3. Configure the Linux operating system for FCP attachment.

    For more information, see the latest edition of Device Drivers, Features, and Commands for the Linux kernel that you are using. You can access this publication on the IBM developerWorks® website at IBM Developerworks Linux on IBM Z website. For additional information, go to the publication FC-attached SCSI devices with Linux on IBM Z.

  4. Create either volumes or disks on your host with the logical volume manager. If you create disks, create file systems on the disks.

    For more information, refer to your host system publications.