Manage aliases

Use the Aliases by volume window to create, delete, and view aliases for a volume or LSS. To open the Aliases by volume window, use the Manage aliases action in the Volumes, Volumes by host, Volumes by LSS, or Volumes by pool pages.

Aliases by volume window columns
The logical unit value of the alias reported to the host.
Base volume
The volume name of the alias.
The logical subsystems (LSS) ID value of the alias.
Aliases by volume window actions
Delete a selected alias.
Create Aliases
Opens the Create Aliases for Volume window, which you can use to create aliases.
Volume ID
The volume name of the alias.
Enter the number of aliases to create.
Address Range
The address range for the aliases. When you enter a value in the Aliases field, the DS8000® Storage Management GUI automatically provides an address range.