Call home settings

Use the Call Home tab of the Notifications page to enable the call home feature, which reports failures and transmits pertinent debugging data to IBM®. You can also provide contact information for your organization and details about your storage system.

When you enable the call home feature, your technical support representative can quickly isolate and resolve potential issues with the storage system.

Click to save the call home information.
Click to clear the fields in the tab.
To enable call home, select Enable and then read and agree to the terms in the Agreement for Service Programs window that opens. Click Test to test the connection.
Note: Your network engineer must open port 443:tcp in your network infrastructure for the destination server IP addresses provided in the Remote Support configuration worksheet published in the IBM Techdocs Library (Document PRS4743).
Select a Connection type:
Direct connection to the internet
Use an existing internet connection.
Configure HTTP proxy
Use an HTTP proxy server to connect to the internet. When you select this option, the IP address, User name, and Password fields display in the DS8000® Storage Management GUI. You must complete the IP address information.
Company Information
Enter information to identify your company.
Administrator Information
Enter information to identify the storage system administrator.
System Information
Enter information to identify the storage system.