Easy Tier Server

Easy Tier® Server, an enhancement to the Easy Tier family, is a unified storage caching and tiering solution. The Easy Tier Server utility enables the caching of storage-system data in multiple hosts. It provides cooperative caching that is based on statistics gathered in both the host and storage system.

Easy Tier Server copies the most frequently accessed, or hottest, data to direct-attached storage (DAS) flash drives (also known as solid-state drives or SSDs) within Easy Tier Server-enabled hosts. Easy Tier Server caching coherency algorithms ensure that the most valuable data is available on the host local flash-drive devices and ensures data integrity across DS8870 internal tiers and hosts’ DAS cache. Data can be read directly from flash memory attached to the host cache rather than from disk drives in the DS8870 storage system. This data-retrieval optimization results in improved performance, with I/O requests that are generally satisfied in microseconds.

The Easy Tier Server implementation consists of two major components:
Figure 1 shows a DS8870, which runs the Easy Tier Server coherency server, in conjunction with three host systems, which function as the Easy Tier Server coherency clients.
Figure 1. Basic Easy Tier Server architecture
Basic Easy Tier Server architecture
The Easy Tier Server coherency server and the Easy Tier Server coherency client work together as follows:

SAN-based multi-host applications are enabled through the Easy Tier Server SAN storage coherency protocol. With managed coherency, advanced storage-replication functions such as FlashCopy® and remote mirroring are transparently enabled.