Transparent Cloud Tiering

Transparent Cloud Tiering for DS8000® is a feature in conjunction with z/OS® and DFSMShsm that provides server-less movement of archive and backup data directly to an object storage solution. Offloading the movement of the data from the host to the DS8000 unlocks DFSMShsm efficiencies and saves z/OS MIPS.

Instead of traditional tape volumes that HSM and DSS have used before, Transparent Cloud Tiering migrates data at the data set level to the object store. By using this method of storage capability, DFSMShsm can bypass many tape-centric architectural guidelines. It also removes the need for activities such as Recycle, 16 K blocksizes and serial access.
Note: Transparent Cloud Tiering is only supported in z/OS ECKD™ environments and is not available for use with Fixed Block data.