DS Storage Manager

The DS Storage Manager is an interface that is used to perform logical configurations and Copy Services management functions.

The DS Storage Manager can be accessed through the Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center Element Manager from any network-connected workstation with a supported browser. The DS Storage Manager is installed as a GUI for the Windows and Linux operating systems. It can be accessed from any location that has network access using a web browser.

Note: Supported browsers include: Access the GUI from a browser using the IP_address:P_port on your DS8000® HMC.

If the DS Storage Manager does not display as anticipated, clear the cache for your browser, log out of the DS Storage Manager, and log back in to the DS Storage Manager to try again.

For more information, see the IBM DS8000 Information Center (http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/dsichelp/ds8000ic/index.jsp) and search on the topic Internet browser support, which is located in the Installing section.