Db2 12 function level support

When you activate new Db2 12 function levels in a Db2 subsystem or data sharing group, enhancements might become available that impact Db2 Recovery Expert.

The levels of function level support are defined as follows:
The product works as it did on a previous release or function level of Db2 for z/OS, but it does not support the new features of this function level.
The product supports most, but not necessarily all, of the new function-level features that IBM deems the most significant for this product.

The following function levels are tolerated or supported by Db2 Recovery Expert and are provided with the corresponding PTF, if any. For more information on Db2 features at each function level, select the link in the Db2 12 function level column.

Table 1. Db2 Recovery Expert PTFs in support of Db2 12 function levels
Db2 12 function level Toleration PTF Support PTF
FL510 UI79233 UI79233
FL509 UI74332 UI75472 + UI75473 + UI75474
FL508 UI72101 UI73404 + UI73405 + UI73406 + UI73407. See Using moved tables for current limitations.
FL507 UI70358 + UI70359 UI72300
FL506 UI67379 + UI67380 + UI67381 UI72300
FL505 UI65469 + UI65470 UI72300

UI62596 + UI62597 + UI62598

FL503 UI38334 + UI38336 UI72300
FL502 UI38334 + UI38336 UI72300
FL501 UI38334 + UI38336 UI72300
FL500 UI38334 + UI38336 UI72300