Reorganization recommendation and the Db2 Query Monitor offload process

If you are using the smarter reorganization recommendation feature and the Db2 Query Monitor offload process simultaneously, you should be aware that any interval splitting associated with reorganization recommendation might affect the intervals that are offloaded.

For example, if you run the offload once a day, and you specify a STARTING_INTERVAL(-1) and ENDING_INTERVAL(-25) with INTERVAL_UNITS(INTERVALS), you might expect to offload one day’s worth of intervals, or 24 intervals. But if reorganization recommendation adds a new interval during the day, there would be 26 intervals in that day. There might also be reasons for having more than 24 intervals in a day such as interval length, restarting the Db2 Query Monitor subsystem, or z/OS commands. Therefore, you should be aware of this when specifying the INTERVAL_UNITS(INTERVALS) parameter for your offload process.