Use the com.rocketsoft.nm.qm.reorg.MinIntervalLength parameter in to control the smarter reorganization recommendation behavior of the CAE Server.


When running reorganization recommendation, the MinIntervalLength parameter defines the length of time (in milliseconds) of a Db2 Query Monitor interval that must be exceeded for an interval to be snapped. Db2 Query Monitor does not snap intervals shorter than the value specified by this parameter when performing reorganization recommendation monitoring.

MinIntervalLength defines a lower limit for the performance window duration. For example, if the user specifies a performance window that is shorter than MinIntervalLength, then the performance window is increased to the MinIntervalLength. The minimum value that can be specified for MinIntervalLength is 5 minutes.

Although you can use this parameter to adjust the minimum interval length that Db2 Query Monitor snaps during reorganization recommendation, we recommend that you do not alter the value of this parameter unless instructed to do so by IBM Support. The default value of the MinIntervalLength parameter is 5 minutes (Db2 Query Monitor does not snap intervals shorter than 5 minutes in length).

The time in milliseconds. The default value, 300000, corresponds to 5 minutes.
300000 milliseconds
Integers in the range
Valid values