When upgrading from previous versions of Db2 Query Monitor to the current version, consider the following information.

General considerations

Data collected by Db2 Query Monitor 3.3.0 can be read by Db2 Query Monitor 3.4.0.

When installing 3.4.0 using SMP/E to the same CSI where 3.3.0 was installed, SMP/E deletes 3.3.0 files and replaces them with 3.4.0 files. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not change the USS File System Paths in your CSI when upgrading from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0. You can rename existing paths, but those paths must contain the 3.3.0 files and data sets.

To maintain multiple product versions concurrently, they must be installed into separate CSI zones. Even if you install 3.4.0 into the same CSI as 3.3.0, you must still make a new CQM_VAR_HOME and use CQMCMGRT to import configurations from the 3.3.0 CQM_VAR_HOME.

Important: Do not run Db2 Query Monitor with similar SQL monitoring products against the same Db2 subsystem, because this might result in unpredictable results for Db2.

If you want to modify the subsystem name after the conversion of CQM3.3 to CQM3.4, you need to save the new name in the individual CQMPROFS data set. If not, the ISPF panel will fetch the old name that is already saved in the individual CQMPROFS data set and displays the CQM195E message. For more information, refer to Query Monitor Target.

CAE considerations

When upgrading CAE components to 3.4.0, note the following:

  • If you specify CQM_JAVA in the STDENV DD statement for the JCL that launches the CAE Server, you must ensure that CQM_JAVA points to a valid 64-bit IBM Java™ 11 installation.
  • When you apply new maintenance, you must always update the CAE Server first in order to guarantee that CAE Server is not older than the Query Monitor Subsystems and ISPF clients. Such a strategy avoids compatibility problems in situations where some LPARs are at one maintenance level and others at another maintenance level.

  • If you want to use 3.3.0 staging tables, you must execute the upgrade script, CQMSAMP member CQMCSMGT, to correctly configure staging tables. Staging tables cannot be reverted back to 3.3.0 after you execute the upgrade script.