Configure tuning

Follow these steps to configure tuning.


  1. From any window within the CAE Browser Client, click Activity Browser > Application Menu > Configure Tuning.
  2. Select the query workload tuning tool you want to use to tune SQL queries.
  3. If you want to change the tuning application connection information, click Change for that tuning application.
    • Specify the following:
      The protocol for the connection (HTTP or HTTPS). If you allow non-secure query tuning (HTTP), the CAE Browser Client passes your user name, password, and SQL text in plain text to the query tuning client from your browser. Check with your security administrator to verify that it is acceptable for you to allow non-secure tuning.
      The host to be used when connecting to the DSM Server.
      The port used to connect to the DSM Server.
      Select a Protocol > HTTPS and click Show Advanced Settings. Select the truststore to use for the connection. Click the + button to go to the Truststore Configuration window in a new tab, from there you can edit truststore settings. For more information, see Truststore configuration.
  4. Click Test to test the connection.
    After you have tested and confirmed that the connection is working, you can then send a query to the query workload tuning tool.