All messages generated by Db2 Query Monitor have a severity code printed as the last character of the message ID.

The severity codes are I (Information only, no user action required), W (Warning message, results may not be as expected), and E (Error message, some errors may be user-correctable, read the User Response to determine the course of action).

Db2 Query Monitor's message information can be broken down into these categories:

  • Product panel messages – Messages that display when using the ISPF interface for Db2 Query Monitor.
  • WTO messages – Write-to-operator messages that appear in your SYSLOG or other appropriate output for your site.
  • FEC messages – Message pertaining to the various Db2 Query Monitor functions such as column sorting and display.
  • Return codes – Information pertaining to return codes that may appear during Db2 Query Monitor processing.
Note: Messages CQM9000 through CQM9999 are messages for use by IBM® Software Support as diagnostic tools and are only issued when CQMPARMS specifies DEBUG(Y) or when a diagnostic utility is executed under the instruction from IBM Software Support.