Installing the Primary CAE Server and Watchdog - USS

The only failover installation steps necessary on USS is to make the ZFS/HFS install directory available on other LPAR's via shared DASD.

About this task

Note: The user ID for the primary server and the failover servers must be exactly the same from the Unix perspective. That is, they must have the same Unix UID, since both processes must be able to read and modify files created by the other process.


  1. Install the CAE Server on different LPARS that run from shared DASD. They have to be installed to the same directories in order for configurations (such as Actions and Responses) and blackboard information stored to disk to be available to failover servers in the event of a failover.
  2. After completing installation, you must modify the CAE Agent started task JCL to include the IP addresses of the primary and secondary sites.
  3. The JCL required to start-up the watchdog process is included in highlevel.SCQMSAMP(CQMCAEWD). Customize the start-up JCL according to the instructions in the member.