SQLCODEs - fields (ISPF)

This topic describes the fields that are available for use on the various SQLCODEs panels.

QM Subsystem
The active Query Monitor Subsystem ID.
Interval Start Date/Time
The date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time (HH:MM:SS) that the interval started.
Interval End Date/Time
The date (MM/DD/YYYY) and time (HH:MM:SS) that the interval ended. This value is always CURRENT when viewing activity via option A (View Current Activity).
Group By
The method by which information is grouped and displayed on the DB2 QM SQL Code Summary panel. Valid Group By options are:
P - Plan
Group by plan.
D - DBRM/Package
Group by DBRM package.
A - AuthID
Group by authorization ID.
Show each SQLCODE and the number of times it occurred during the displayed interval.
Group by CORRID.
Group by CORRNAME.
No Grouping (Group by *)
If you select No Grouping, the DB2 QM SQL Code Detail Display panel is displayed and shows SQLCODE information without any grouping.