Adding a union-based scope

For a union-based scope, select the individual scopes that the new (union) scope comprises.

About this task

Note: The selection of both a parent and child scope in the creation of a union scope is not valid because the parent scope already encompasses the child scope, thus making a “union” of the two inapplicable. For example, since “Everything” is the parent to all other scopes, it cannot be selected when defining a union scope because it is redundant to attempt to create a union between “Everything” and a child scope which is already included in “Everything”.


  1. Access Actions Configuration from your CAE Browser Client home page by clicking Configuration > Scopes.
  2. Select the appropriate tab, Elements or Events.
  3. Press the Add button.
  4. Select Union Based Scope. The Scopes dialog box displays.
  5. Type the scope's name, then press OK.
    The following options display:
    Scope list
    Displays an expandable hierarchical list of existing scopes with a check box for each scope that enables you to select at least two scopes on which to base the union scope.
    Keep private
    Marks the scope as private.
    (Optional) Enables you to specify a description of the scope. Comment text is not part of the scope definition.
  6. Expand the tree structure to locate and select the individual scopes that you want to include in the union scope.
  7. Specify whether or not you want to keep the scope private.
  8. (Optional) Type a comment to describe the scope in the Comments box.
  9. Click Apply to save the union-based scope.