Adding an enumerated member scope

For an enumerated member scope, select the individual elements that the scope comprises. A new enumerated member scope comprises no elements by default and includes only those elements that you specify explicitly.


  1. Access the CAE Browser Client Configuration Browser.
  2. Select the Elements tab.
  3. Press the Add button.
  4. Select Enumerated Member Scope.
  5. Type the scope's name and press the OK.
  6. Select the domain to which you want the scope to apply using the Domain drop-down box.
  7. Press the Add button to specify domain elements to include in the scope. A dialog box named for the scope appears, providing access to selection trees of the domain's domain elements. Choose a perspective from the drop-down menu to view domain elements organized in a way that is useful to you.
  8. Select the individual domain elements that you want to include in the scope, then press the OK button to add them to the list of scope members. You can remove a domain element from the list by selecting it and pressing the Remove button. If you want to select domain elements using a different perspective, you must press OK or Cancel, then press the Add button again to re-display the selection dialog box.
  9. (Optional) Type a comment to describe the scope in the Comments box.
  10. Press Apply to save the scope definition.