Using the smarter reorganization recommendation feature requires Db2 Automation Tool V4.3 and Db2 Query Monitor V3.4 with the corresponding APARs applied.

Product requirements

The following APARs must be applied to use smarter reorganization recommendations:

  • Db2 Automation Tool V4.3: PI92498
  • Db2 Query Monitor V3.4: PI92519
  • If Db2 Autonomics Director V1.6 is installed, PI95671 is required for compatibility with Data Server Manager.

Before you begin

Before setting up smarter reorganization recommendations, ensure the following:
  • Db2 Automation Tool is set up for reorganization recommendations. For more information, see the Db2 Automation Tool V4.3 documentation.
  • Db2 Query Monitor is set up for reorganization recommendations as follows:
    • The Db2 Query Monitor subsystem, CAE Agent, and CAE Server are installed and configured.
    • AT-TLS and PAGENT must be configured to allow the Db2 Query Monitor certificate to be used by the Db2 Query Monitor CAE Server. For more information, see "Customizing AT-TLS security for smarter reorganization recommendations" in the Db2 Automation Tool V4.3 documentation.
    • The Db2 Query Monitor subsystem and CAE Agent should run on the same LPAR on which the Db2 subsystem is located and for which recommendation is to be requested.
    • You must run a bind job (generated using Tools Customizer or customized from SCQMSAMP member CQMBIND) to be able to use smarter reorganization recommendation.
    • To access the reorganization recommendation monitor in the CAE Browser Client, you must have administrator authority to CAE components, which means that you must have UPDATE access to the CQM.CAE.ADMINISTRATOR RACF® profile. For more information, see Reviewing and setting proper authorizations.