Starting the Watchdog

The Watchdog is a process that monitors the state of the Primary CAE Server and starts a Backup CAE Server, if necessary.


  • (Windows) Start Watchdog on a Windows server using the Computer Management application.
    1. Open the Computer Management application on the PC where the Watchdog is installed
    2. Select Services and Applications > Services.
    3. In the table listing the services, locate and then right-click the Db2 Query Monitor Watchdog Server service and select Start.
  • (Windows) Alternatively, start the Watchdog on a Windows server from a dos prompt.
    1. Change directories to the <install folder>/bin directory.
    2. Enter the command watchdog_install.bat start.
  • (USS) Start the Watchdog on an USS server by editing the USS CAE Server JCL to specify PARM=’SH /u/username/cqm/bin/start_cae_server.