SMP/E cross-zone requisite checking requirements

Your system may contain products that are packaged and installed separately, but that have service level or interface dependencies.

For example, the installation of software service to Db2 Query Monitor or Security Guardium S-TAP for Db2 on z/OS often requires the synchronization of service levels. Those products may be installed across multiple SMP/E zones. For example, service for software in the Db2 Query Monitor zone may require related service for the STP zone to permit all software within the system image to operate properly.

To help ensure proper synchronization across zones, you can instruct SMP/E to automatically check for cross-zone requisites during APPLY, ACCEPT, and RESTORE command processing. To enable automatic cross-zone requisite checking, you must instruct SMP/E which zones contain software to be checked for requisites. Multiple methods for implementing this process are described in the SMP/E User's Guide (SA22-7773).